This springs is located 11 km up a Forest Service Road about 20 minutes north (25.6 km) of Nakusp, BC. Many years ago the site was a free-for-all until partying and abuse luckily saw the province intervene. It is now an official BC Recreation Site and has seen a number of improvements like campsite pads, regularly maintained outhouses, a custom-built change room as well as enhanced soaking pools.

While visiting for day-use is free of charge, there is a campsite fee paid to the on-site caretaker May 1 – October 31st.


It’s not uncommon to find nude bathers at Halfway, but keep in mind it is still technically illegal in BC to skinny dip on public land.

Poison ivy is bountiful in the area, so make sure to take note of its appearance and avoid it at all costs.

Bears are known to frequent the area, so bringing bear spray is a must!


Getting There

  1. From the city centre in Nakusp, drive approximately 26 km north on highway 23.
  2. Just before crossing the Halfway River bridge, turn RIGHT onto the forest service road.
  3. Following the main service road for just over 11 km, notice the signed fork in the road and continue left/down to the main area.